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Will you come to church with me this Sunday?

Plan Your Visit

First time at Trinity Family Church?


Don't want to go alone?


Or maybe you've been a few times but you'd like to meet Pastors John and Renata, take a tour of the building, and meet some new people?


Plan Your Visit now and we will:


    reserve a parking spot for you


    meet you at the front door


    introduce you to some great people


    help you get your kids checked in


    give you a tour of the church


    save you a seat in service


    make sure you meet Pastor John


Plan Your Visit now and we will treat you like family from the moment you step foot on campus...


Sundays @ 11am



6101 Paradise Blvd NW

Albuquerque, NM 87114

(505) 831-0443

Find Your People
Discover Your Purpose
Plan Your Visit

Trying to find your purpose?

Looking for something different?

Need a new tribe?

No Awkward First Visit

Here’s the deal…


We do things a little differently around here…


We know it can be a little weird or even awkward visiting a church for the first time…


That’s why we created Plan Your Visit.


When you sign up for Plan Your Visit we’ll:


✅ meet you at the front door

✅ help you get your kids checked in

✅ introduce you around to a few people

✅ save you seats

✅ we’ll even sit with you if you want (so you don't have to sit by yourself)


We want to make your first visit as easy as possible, and actually take time to get to know you and your family.


Pretty crazy idea, right?


Will you come hang out with us this Sunday?


Just click on the Plan Your Visit button below and schedule your visit for this Sunday!

Wear whatever you want

Drink coffee in the sanctuary

Meet some great people

Listen to a relevant sermon from Pastor John


Building buildingfront_edited_edited_edi

Main Service - Sunday 11am

Bible Study - Sunday 9:15am

Kids Service - Sunday 11am

What are the Service Times?

DSC00983 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

We've created a safe and dynamic service for your kids 4yrs - 12yrs old where they can grow in their understanding of God. Upon arrival kids will be checked in and receive a name tag with a unique security number.

What About My Kids?


Currently we provide family rooms to accomodate parents of small children who wish to watch service in a room with age appropriate toys and space.

What About Kids Birth-3yrs?

FAQ clip6_edited_edited.jpg

You can breathe easy, the answer is no! Your level of engagement is up to you. But if and when you're ready to take a step, we'll be ready. There's a connect card that you can choose to fill out in case you have questions, need prayer, or are interested in getting baptized, attending Bible Studies, or if you'd like to hear about events.

Will I Have to Say Anything or Be Singled Out in Any Way?


If you're a first-time visitor, please park in the spots designated "First Time Guest". If you need assistance go straight to the New Guest Table in lobby.

Where Do I Park?


Students 6th through 12th grade are a part of our regular worship service on Sunday mornings in the main sanctuary.

I Have Older Kids, What About Them?

FAQ DSC00554_edited_edited.jpg

We want you to feel comfortable. Whether that means jeans and a t-shirt, business casual or suit and tie, as long as you are actually wearing clothes, you will fit right in.

Is There A Dress Code?

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at

Email us at:

More Questions?

Welcome to Trinity C3E3FB7A-3D71-4829-8E
Welcome to Trinity DSC00817.jpg

We don't judge.

We don't care if you have tattoos


We don't care how you dress


We don't care if you have a past

We just want to meet you :)

Pastor John DSC09372.jpg

Pastors John and Renata

Hi, my name is John.


I believe that you are uniquely wired by God for a specific purpose, and that unless you figure out what that purpose is, you'll never be truly fulfilled.


No one else on earth can fulfill the unique calling that God has for you.


No one else can fulfill your assignment. 


Maybe you know exactly what your purpose is, maybe you've been running from it for a while, or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to even start looking for it...


We are a church that is dedicated to helping people find and fulfill their purpose.

God loves ABQ and wants to see it flourish and follow Jesus. Come be a part of the story and make a lasting impact.

Test drive a Sermon

The Gift of Grace

Prayer Changes Us

Ever feel like no matter what you do it isn't enough? Grace is the gift that we didn't earn, but Christ freely gives. We don't have to fear failure when we follow a faithful God.

What changes when we pray? Everything. One of the main things is ourselves. We learn to care more, love more and worry less. You are not alone, God hears your prayers.

Your kids are going to love it here...

Our Kids Church Has:

Fun Services​

Engaging Music

Age-Appropriate Bible Lessons


Where was that when we were kids, haha!

Just click on the button below to Plan Your Visit and we'll set everything up...

We Do Things A Little Different...

no awkward first visit

no confusing church language

no judgmental church people

your kids will beg you to come back!

Trinity Family Church is different.

Will you come hang out with us this Sunday?

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